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The Ecstasy of e-Learning

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This 20-minute presentation is a wrap up of six sessions of the workshop. In this presentation, Dr. Fatemi describes the effectiveness and ecstasy of eLearning.

Effective Teaching for Better Learning

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How to make eLearning a better experience for teachers and students? There was a workshop with 5 sections. This is selected parts from the summary of the workshop which has been presented at the end of the workshop.

معرفی کارگاه طراحی دوره برخط

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معرفي كارگاه طراحي دوره برخط

ارائه دکتر فاطمی در شورای دانشگاه/ راه اندازی یادگیری الکترونیکی در دوران کووید 19

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راه اندازي يادگيري الكترونيكي در دوران كوويد 19- ارائه در شوراي دانشگاه